How to bid

(1) Find a merchandise of your interest and check the value of it’s each bid.
(2) Choose between these three buttons depends on the value that you would like to add on your bid.
(For example of this unit,
+1Bid = JPY30,000, +5Bid = JPY150,000, +10Bid = JPY300,000
will be added on the present price.)

(3) By pressing , the amount of JPY30,000 is added to the current price/start price of this unit.
Since the current price/start price of this unit is JPY1,100,000, the raised price will be displayed as JPY1,130,000.
(4) Once you checked and satisified with the price displayed, please press

(5) The amount raised by this bid is officially displayed on the screen.
(6) Once again, please check and see if you are satisfied with the amount. If you are, then confirm your bid by pressing .
 *Cancellation of confirmed bid(s) will not be accepted what’s so ever.
 If you wish to restart this process, please press and resume from step (3).

[Introduction about Auto-Bid]

The lowest purchasable price within the Auto-Bid amount is displayed. The right to purchase this unit will be protected unless your highest Auto-Bid amount was over bidden by competitors.
You are required to bid once again inorder to purchase a merchandise that was bidden over your highest Auto-Bid amount.

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